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Laminar ring is a metallic spiral retaining ring made from coiled flat wire. we have been producing laminar seal ring in China since early 2000s. We are not a distributor or re-seller of German or American laminar rings. We manufacture our own laminar rings locally in China. We specialise in this product from the beginning. Laminar seal ring’s HS Code is  8484100000.


Assembly features: 

assembly features of laminar ring
We support all above assembly features for your convenience.


All FK3 series is single wound Laminar Rings used for bearings. Its protective ability is less than FK6 series, but still get the job done. FK3 prevents ingress of dust and environmental moisture. The 5 ring types ASK or ISK ring sets have increased labyrinth effect. simply because these 2 types have more rings per set. Within 3 ring set config, IS laminar ring is easier to fit in the grooves. For 5 ring set config, The ISK is easier to fit in. generally speaking laminar rings for shaft is easier to install.


All FK 6 series Laminar Rings are double wound laminar rings for bearings and the front of radial lip seals. Higher sealing performance is achieved by the FK 6 Laminar Rings when exuding grease. They also perform better, compared to FK3 series, in protection against dust, dirt and splash water.
FK 6 Laminar Rings benefited from the double wound nature, First, It has no gap, second, the double wound enable higher retention force. AS the FK3 series, ASKD or ISKD Perform better because they are 3 rings per set(the other types ISD and ASD is 2 ring per set). After your decided to choose 2 ring config or 3 ring config, then remember that ISD is easier to fit in than ASD for 2 ring config. For 3 ring config, The ISKD is easier to fit in.


The following configurations/Types are the most popular ones, if you want something else, please Contact Us:


Notes :


         lSD,  1 set = 2 rings ( for shaft ).
        lSKD, 1 set = 3 rings(2 for shaft, 1 for bore) .
        ASD, 1 set = 2 rings( for bore).
        ASKD,  1 set = 3 rings(1 for shaft, 2 for bore) .


         lS,  1 set = 3 rings(for shaft).
        AS,  1 set = 3 rings(for bore).
        lSK,  1 set = 5 rings(3 for shaft, 2 for bore) .
        ASK,  1 set = 5 rings(2 for shaft, 3 for bore).

We also produce US versions like VH & VS, WH & WS, EH & ES, WHT & WST, WHM & WSM, DNH & DNS series. Some rings may be very small, Other companies may have trouble to produce them, but we are good at producing these rings. Just give us your inquiries like this “WH-52 material: SS304, quantity:1000 pcs”, then you will get quote within hours. 

laminar seal ring sizes/catalogue:

laminar seal ring sizes/catalogue PDF document

Please leave a message, we will get back to you within 8 hrs.


Our laminar rings cost one-third the price of other brand name ones. If you want to get a quote from us, please contact us and tell us your requirements, like material, specifications and quantity. e.g. FK5 ISD 170×6.0x2.0 material: SS304 quantity:1000 sets.  your inquiry will be answered within 8 hours.   Preferred Payment: West Union or Alipay etc.   we only have inventories for some popular items, mostly we produce after your order.


Same as the German ones. AS we have perfected the coiling process and metal treatment process, so compared with German laminar rings using the same material, there’s no quality difference. If you want higher quality, you can ask us using higher quality material like SS316Ti. If you don’t have specific material in mind, then we will assume that material is SS304 which is good enough for most situations. And our products adhere to the same tolerance standard as Germany’s. Transport Package: Carton.  For small order, packages can be delivered by TNT.

And you can always ask for a refund or replacements with no strings attached. The MOQ is 50 sets, you can have a trail order. our products are widely used in our domestic steel mills. we also have exported to many European countries.  The feedback is great. Most of our business are from the recurring orders of our existing clients. We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.